About Us

“Beauty lasts for a while,
but identity decided how long
it gonna last.”

This is how Deepak Chopra argue when people ask him why he was always linking spirituality to overcoming tribal identity.

For more than a century, tribal identity was our label brand. Our carpets were steadfast to our style, too loyal to Moroccan face, that communities all over the world were able to recognize our fingerboard, no matter where they met it.

Accurating to this success, people were often interrogating us how our carpets can travel so often from Marrakech to all over the world ? And our anwser was always the same. As Deepak Chopra philosophy suggests, spirituality is meant to take us beyond our tribal identity into a domain of awareness that is more universal.

Since 1930, our grandfathers were mindful about two conditions : collecting articles that can talk about each tribe that was made in, but also putting enough love and harmony to showcase it to the world.

As a conclusion, our carpets translate home skills and competencies that moroccan women and enjoy of. It’s enough special to lay down its artistic touch and personal brand, but also holding universal spirit that can draw harmony no matter where it’s sitter.